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#Where to land my business ?

5 Questions to ask yourself before moving !

Here are 5 questions you should clarify to make sure you have taken the right decision !

That's ok your biz is awesome and you grow fast. Your clients are located in different countries and all you want, is a better place to have some time to balance life and work balance.

It is the good time to explore where you should go, to optimize your chance to run your company in the good conditions.

As entrepreneur, you need to feel well and evolve in the perfect ecosystem for you and your team. Please take five minutes to write down on the paper, what you really, really need to be aligned with your business ambitions.

No idea ? Here are few ideas :

1. Do you prefer the sun or the rain ?

2. Can you travel easily ?

3. How much do you pay your rent ?

4. Does your city have enough entertainment ?

5. How long it takes to go at work or to visit your client ?

Please feel free to contact Mapeeco's team to discuss your project and see how we can serve your project ?

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