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    We are your best location finder to help you land and develop your business faster !


    Mapeeco is the first democratic economic data mapping tool accessible online.


    The innovative online platform allowing you to pre-select geographic areas that are most beneficial to your business expansion and the development of your teams.

  • Let's represent how it could be hard to check

    information on territories...

    You can choose between the Bon Courage option or Mapeeco !


    What is the ''Bon courage option'' ?


    As always, you have heard this country, or this city might be the best choice to set up your business, find investors or clients quickly and have a great support from the local government ! You have to pick a place but what are your needs in term of information, benefits,

    and what kind of lifestyle you can get access to? As the captain of your ship, you have to make decision quickly. You can clearly contact Chamber of Commerce, read publications...and ask for help from other entrepreneurs, connecting with an old friend who will share with you his experience. The process will be long. In the digital and global economy you really need to act to make things happen faster! With Mapeeco algorithms, we make the matching between what you really need to grow and what territories can bring on the table!


    You have some great ambitions, we have the tool to help you!


    By using Mapeeco, you are saving time, money and energy!


    We made it to avoid a headache!

    We make things with our entrepreneurial mindset and know what does that mean to run a business always searching for opportunities and flexibilities.

  • Our mission is to serve your ambitions !

    Save your time !

    ''Time is Money''

    Our main goal is to save you time and efforts in order to establish a direct link with the actors of economic life, Investors, Entrepreneurs, Managers of Co-Working Spaces, Incubators, Economic Development Agency

    and Chamber of Commerce directors.

    Provide you relevant data analysis !

    “Asking the right questions takes as much skill as giving the right answers.” – Robert Half

    Tell us the characteristics of the ideal territory to take your business next and criteria that you value the most and our powerful algorithm will provide you with key elements to make an enlighten decision.

    Match your wishes to your ideal !

    "The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature."- Joseph Campbell

    To date we have established a list of criteria and indicators that we'd love to share with you, to help you move forward in your project or thinking.

  • Meet The Team

    We are devoted to your business and team growth !


    Business is all about how to serve people and ideas.

    Sara is an entrepreneur and life gave her the opportunity to land to Vancouver 4 years ago and measured the benefits of playing on a new ground. By meeting a lot of entrepreneurs in Canada and in she has realized how much the choice of a location can impact the business. With her game changer mindset she wants to digitalize strategies with a disruptive approach and reveal the territories trully facilitating business life for entrepreneurs, wherever they are on the planet.


    Email me !


    Experienced consultant in economic analysis

    and implementation of strategies, processes, and technologies that allow for competition in the global marketplace. Damien became adept at working in multiple political subdivisions to facilitate change. His experiences span Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. Mapeeco for him is the innovative one-stop-shop digital solution that could help entrepreneurs to obtain

    crucial information smarter and faster.


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    Technical Advisor

    Experienced training instructor mathematics and algorithmic methodology.

    Slim has joined Mapeeco to support and guide the process

    of thinking and the development of the products.

    His experiences in understanding of the needs of largest corporations in I.T Industry and management of multicultural profile of clients and technical,

    expert bring values to Mapeeco's Team.


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    Prior to joining Mapeeco, Ali Spent over two years as a student advisory council member for the global community at University of Victoria.

    He holds a B.Sc and M.A.Sc in Computer Engineering, from Isfahan University of Technology and University of Victoria respectively.

    Ali is bringing his expertise as a software developer and his ability

    to educate the public.


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